24 March 2022

This blog will no longer be updated

Due to current copyright laws, we have decided to remove all posts with embedded photos and videos from external websites. Since the numerous press reports about our age simulation suit GERT are mostly only accessible for subscribers, or are removed after a short time, it also makes no sense to link them in this blog. We will therefore no longer update this blog and ask for your understanding.

31 January 2019

New products for the simulation of pathological effects

Knee pain simulator
Kyphosis simulator
We launched two new products at once on the market on the 1st of January. A knee pain simulator, which allows knee pain to be experienced, and a kyphosis simulator, which simulates a hunchback. Both simulators can be used together with our age simulation suit GERT or separately. These simulators ideally complement our extensive product range for the simulation of changes caused by age, disease or disability.

Due to the modular system of all of our simulators, it is possible to realise a multitude of simulation scenarios. Since the simulators can be applied separately too, they can also be used ideally and very successfully in specific sensitisation and prevention measures.

 For this reason, we were able to supply a larger number of our knee pain simulators to a French company dealing with the subject of knee pain. This customer was so enthusiastic about the prototype of the knee pain simulator that he not only placed a major order, but has also reordered twice.

Here you will find an overview of the accessories for the age simulation suit GERT and the other simulators ...

11 July 2018

GERT is now also a European trade mark

Our brand name GERT is now also protected as a EU trade mark for the entire European Union. GERT is already registered as a word mark at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) for several years. Due to our great success in other countries within and outside Europe, GERT has now also been registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). Customers and partners are of course welcome to use our brand name, we are even happy about it. We only would like to prevent any imitators from copying our brand name. The original age simulation suit GERT is only available from us.

8 February 2018

Dementia simulation using our GERT age simulation suit

Although, our GERT age simulation suit is primarily simulating age-related physical and sensory effects, the GERT suit also creates an increased mental load when the participant is performing every day tasks. The effect of reduced cognitive capacities resulting in mental stress has already been described in a scientific report made by psychologists from the renown University of Heidelberg. This can easily be experienced by every participant wearing our GERT suit. The effect can be increased by adding accessories simulating enhanced sensory impairments like the simulation glasses or the tinnitus simulator. Therefore, our GERT suit is ideal for dementia simulation.

Learn more at: www.age-simulation-suit.com/dementia-simulation.html

15 July 2016

How GERT becomes a geriatric simulator

Our age simulation suit GERT simulates the effects that every individual will experience in older age. These effects do not include diseases or other pathological phenomena. To simulate these conditions as well, we offer a full range of accessories. By adding these accessories to the age simulation suit, the gerontologic suit GERT becomes a real geriatric simulator. All of the accessories for GERT can be used together with the age simulation suit and in any combination.

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2 October 2015

The tinnitus simulator simulates hearing loss and ringing in the ears

About 10% of all people suffer from temporary or permanent tinnitus. The probability of suffering from ringing in the ears increases with age. 75% of those affected are over 55; 54% are over 65 years old. 80% of tinnitus sufferers have hearing loss. This is the reason why we brought a tinnitus simulator to the market on 1st of October, which combines the effect of a hearing loss with a tinnitus. The tinnitus simulator consists of hearing protection headphones and an external device for playing 8 typical tinnitus sounds. The simulator is an ideal supplement for our GERT age simulation suit but can also be used separately.

You will find more information here ...

23 July 2014

Creating empathy for the elderly using our age simulation suit

In health care empathy for the elderly patients is necessary to get a patient-centered care. Therefore, it is very helpful if the staff gets the opportunity to walk in the shoes and see through the  eyes of an elderly person. Our age simulation suit enables this in an easy way. To create an age-friendly service is also very useful in trade and tourism. Empathy for older customers is the basis to improve the service and to increase the success.

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